We're a production company
and a team of directors.

Our work includes commercial production, narrative and
documentary filmmaking, editing, animation and visual effects.

We make films, commercials
and other kinds of content for agencies, brands and distributors.

We made this launch video for the new Pinterest messaging feature. Filmed in three countries and featuring real-world collaborators.

Made with MRM//McCann for Wells Fargo.

We worked with ESPN on a short film about the history of the High Five, and what happened to the Dodgers ball player who it's credited to. Watch the full film on Grantland and on ESPN.

The film won the Jury Award and Best Short Doc at the 2014 San Francisco International Film Festival.

A first in a series of short docs embedding in you the world of General Electric.

Jump in a modified Blackhawk and ride along with the world's best firefighters who rely on GE engines to defend the homes and lives of LA County's five million people.

Each short gives audiences a new experience with GE's brilliant machines.